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Victoria Magrath smiles with her hair loose and curled. She wears a pink lipstick next to a wooden mirror in a hotel room.

Inthefrow Gold Heels Video

A video of Victoria Magrath during Paris Fashion Week. Victoria wears a silk and satin chemise as she gets ready in her hotel room. She details her glowy makeup look and shows the dress, shoes and Chanel handbag she will wear.

Inthefrow Gold Heels

Victoria Magrath gestures toward the yellow silk dress she is about to change into. She appears in pink nightwear as she gets ready in a hotel room during Fashion Week. Her hair has blonde highlights and is pushed back and curled at the ends.

Roxxsaurus talks to the camera. She appears in front of a cream wall with her hair down and straight. She holds a packaged blue dress from Temu.

Roxxsaurus Darting Video

A video of Roxxsaurus trying on prom dresses from Temu. Roxi opens an off the shoulder diamanté clip satin gown from the online shop. She rates the quality of the slightly reflective satiny material.

Roxxsaurus Darting

Roxxsaurus stands in the grey and white living room set in her tiny home. She wears a bardot blue satin prom dress from Temu with her hair loose and tucked back.