Emma Roberts stars with her blonde hair loose and straight. She wears a satin pyjama top and stud earrings with a matte pink lipstick.

American Horror Story Swimmer

A video of Emma Roberts from American Horror season twelve. Emma stars as the character Anna Victoria Alcott. She wears a pair of blue satin and silk pyjamas in the episode “Opening Night”.

SatinyVideosAmerican Horror Story – Swimmer

American Horror Story Chanting

In “American Horror Story”
American Horror Story Without You
Without You

In “American Horror Story”
American Horror Story You Can’t Leave Briarcliff
Leave Briarcliff

In “American Horror Story”
Night Court Wet Noodle
Wet Noodle

In “Night Court”
Hush Phone Call
Phone Call

In “Hush”
Meg Says Passenger Princess

In “Meg Says”