Blaise Dyer Green Playsuit

Blaise Dyer Green Playsuit

A Blaise Dyer vlog and fashion haul. Blaise selects items of paty wear from In The Style. She shows and wears a green satin and silk playsuit. She talks about the elasticated sleeves and the benifits of a short playsuit over a dress.

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Blaise Dyer Silky Top
Silky Top

In “Blaise Dyer”
Blaise Dyer Such Good Quality
Good Quality

In “Blaise Dyer”
Blaise Dyer Makeup Done
Makeup Done

In “Blaise Dyer”
Blaise Dyer Pink Kind Of Satin Dress
Pink Satin

In “Blaise Dyer”
Misha Grimes Slip Fabric Clothing
Slip Fabric

In “Misha Grimes”
Riverdale The Forgotten
The Forgotten

In “Riverdale”