Dynasty The Same

Dynasty The Same

An episode clip from the first season of Dynasty. Nathalie Kelley wears a long sleeve pale gold satin top in the episode “The Gospel According To Blake Carrington”. Nathalie stars as Cristal in the prime time soap opera reboot.

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Dynasty Murderous Stepmom
Murderous Stepmom

In “Dynasty”
Dynasty This Is Cristal
This Is Cristal

In “Dynasty”
Suits Pro Bono
Pro Bono

In “Suits”
Altered Carbon Miriam

In “Altered Carbon”
Pretty Little Liars Noel Kahn Is AD
Noel Kahn Is AD

In “Pretty Little Liars”
Fleur De Force Wrap Dress From Stradivarius
Wrap Dress

In “Fleur De Force”