EastEnders Lovebirds

EastEnders Lovebirds

A video of Charlie Brooks from a March 2022 episode of EastEnders. Charlie wears a white long sleeve satin blouse in the BBC show. She stars as the character Janine Butcher in the television soap opera.

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EastEnders Settled In
Settled In

In “EastEnders”
EastEnders Team Bride
Team Bride

In “EastEnders”
EastEnders So Upset
So Upset

In “EastEnders”
EastEnders Lunch Is Served

In “EastEnders”
Peaky Blinders Our Informant
Our Informant

In “Peaky Blinders”
Fleur De Force Sandwashed Silk
Sandwashed Silk

In “Fleur De Force”