Em Sheldon is seen in the kitchen of her Fulham flat. She wears a pair of large rose gold frame glasses with her hair loose. Em holds up a pink shoe as she sits in front of the black doors that lead into her garden.

Em Sheldon Ballet

An Em Sheldon summer clothing and shoes haul. Em works with the fashion label CHARLES & KEITH. She shows a pair of light pink satin ballet style flats. Em mentions taking ballet lessons until her late teens.

SatinyVideosEm Sheldon – Ballet

Em Sheldon When In Rome
When In Rome

In “Em Sheldon”

Em Sheldon The Speeches
The Speeches

In “Em Sheldon”

Em Sheldon Breakfast Done
Breakfast Done

In “Em Sheldon”

Em Sheldon Cute Silky Set
Silky Set

In “Em Sheldon”

Hazel Maria Wood Dimension

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The Boys Smartest

In “The Boys”