Em Sheldon holding her iPhone front of her face as she vlogs. Em is wearing a white and black stripe shirt from LilySilk.

Em Sheldon Cashmere Or Silk

An Em Sheldon LilySilk try on haul and new in video. Em wears several items from the luxury mulberry silk brand. She shows a long sleeve striped satin blouse and a pair of loose fit cream satin trousers.

SatinyVideosEm Sheldon – Cashmere Or Silk

Em Sheldon All Happening
All Happening

In “Em Sheldon”

Em Sheldon Steakhouse

In “Em Sheldon”

Em Sheldon Satiny Silky Pink
Satiny Silky

In “Em Sheldon”

Em Sheldon Winter Dress
Winter Dress

In “Em Sheldon”

Hazel Maria Wood Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree

In “Hazel Maria Wood”

Riverdale Hot Dog
Hot Dog

In “Riverdale”