Em Sheldon turns to one side in her London kitchen. She wears a green satin sleeveless gown. Em holds her vlogging camera in the fingers of one hand as she records. She wears an Apple Watch.

Em Sheldon New Day

An Em Sheldon wedding announcement and outfit planning video. Em breaks the new of her mum engagement. She films in the kitchen of her London flat. Em tries on two satin dresses as she heads to Polo in the Park.

SatinyVideosEm Sheldon – New Day

Em Sheldon Cashmere Or Silk

In “Em Sheldon”

Em Sheldon Five Foot Two
Five Foot Two

In “Em Sheldon”

Em Sheldon Panic Run
Panic Run

In “Em Sheldon”

Em Sheldon Cheesecake

In “Em Sheldon”

Inthefrow Beautiful Fabric
Beautiful Fabric

In “Inthefrow”

Good Omens Leather Pinny
Leather Pinny

In “Good Omens”