Em Sheldon smiles as she walks by a white wall and white shutters. She wears pink lipstick and a pair of pearl drop earrings with her hair loose and blowing in the wind.

Em Sheldon When In Rome

A video of Em Sheldon travelling in Italy. Em walks outside near Venice as she recaps her day. She talks about the private hotel boat and eating out. Em wears a cream satin skirt dress in the early evening.

SatinyVideoEm Sheldon – When In Rome

Em Sheldon Another Delivery
Another Delivery

In “Em Sheldon”

Em Sheldon New Day
New Day

In “Em Sheldon”

Em Sheldon All Happening

In “Em Sheldon”

Em Sheldon Breakfast Done

In “Em Sheldon”

Fashion Mumblr Combine Harvester

In “Fashion Mumblr”

And Just Like That... Dead Serious
Dead Serious

In “And Just Like That…”