Evelina Epic What's In My Bag

Evelina Epic What’s In My Bag

An Evelina Barry What’s In My Bag video. As she celebrates a new look for Evelina’s Fashion Cafe, Evelina provides a glimpse inside her handbag. Amongst the items are sunglasses, a portable charger, a sketchbook and compact mirror. She wears a grey satin wrap playsuit and a satin bomber jacket.

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Evelina You Might As Well Get A Silk Bomber Jacket
Get A Silk Bomber

In “Evelina”

Kalel An Hour Later And I’m Camera Ready
I’m Camera Ready

In “Kalel”

Holly Sheeran The Satin Care Range
The Satin Care Range

In “Holly Sheeran”

Zoella Maybelline Brow Satin
Maybelline Brow Satin

In “Zoella”

Fleur De Force Neon Pink Silk Crossover Dress
Pink Silk Dress

In “Fleur De Force”