Evelina Holiday Lookbook 2017

Evelina Holiday Lookbook 2017

A Evelina holiday lookbook. Evelina provides some outfit suggestions for the 2017 festive holiday season. She chooses a pale gold satin wrap top paired with a denim jacket and white silk satin trousers.

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Evelina Epic What's In My Bag
What’s In My Bag

In “Evelina”

Evelina You Might As Well Get A Silk Bomber Jacket
Get A Silk Bomber

In “Evelina”

Inthefrow Last Night In Vegas
Last Night In Vegas

In “Inthefrow”

Misha Grimes Beautifully Silky Piece
Silky Piece

In “Misha Grimes”

Niomi Smart Loving My Nails
Loving My Nails

In “Niomi Smart”

Homeland There's Something Else
Something Else

In “Homeland”