Josie Fear is seen with minimal makeup as she gets ready. She wears a thin gold necklace in the cream and dark wood dressing room of her home in the Cotswolds.

Fashion Mumblr Summer Nightwear

A Josie Irons Fashion Mumblr vlog. Josie talks about a problem with a guest at her holiday rental Strawtop Cottage. She wears a lightweight white satin trim dressing gown and a white nightie from Hank & Hera.

SatinyVideosFashion Mumblr – Summer Nightwear

Fashion Mumblr Combine Harvester
Combine Harvester

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Fashion Mumblr Glowing

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Fashion Mumblr Wearing Trousers
Wearing Trousers

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Fashion Mumblr Pottering Around

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Lydia Elise Millen Hermès Bag
Hermès Bag

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Minx Secret Special

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