Hazel Wood Snake Print Heels

Hazel Wood Snake Print Heels

A Hazel Maria Wood Misguided try-on haul. Hazel picks out some summer outfits from the online retailer. She selects a burnt orange satin playsuit. Hazel highlights the ruffle sleeves and shine of the fabric.

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Hazel Wood Super Super Girly
Super Super Girly

In “Hazel Wood”
Hazel Wood Beautiful Scent
Beautiful Scent

In “Hazel Wood”
Fleur De Force Quite Sheeny
Quite Sheeny

In “Fleur De Force”
Laura Blair Orange Maxi Dress
Orange Maxi Dress

In “Laura Blair”
Blaise Dyer Test Out Satin
Test Out Satin

In “Blaise Dyer”
Dynasty Extra Dirty
Extra Dirty

In “Dynasty”