Inthefrow Colourful Silky Material

Inthefrow Colourful Silky Material

An Inthefrow ASOS and Zara try-on haul video. Victoria picks out a multi colour satin strip wrap dress. She’s a little unsure as she tries the outfit on, noting the pyjama like vibes from the short silk dress.

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Inthefrow Collector Of Dior
Collector Of Dior

In “Inthefrow”
Inthefrow Silky Rose Pink
Silky Rose Pink

In “Inthefrow”
Inthefrow Mauve Purple Silky Trousers
Silky Trousers

In “Inthefrow”
Inthefrow Morning Guys
Morning Guys

In “Inthefrow”
Fleur De Force Short Pleated Skirt
Pleated Skirt

In “Fleur De Force”
iZombie Did You Tell Us Everything
Tell Us Everything

In “iZombie”