Inthefrow Rebranded

Inthefrow Rebranded

A Victoria Magrath Holland Cooper collection vlog. Victoria hints at her next range with the high end fashion boutique. She wears a mulberry silk shirt dress from LilySilk as she talks about moving away from her Inthefrow moniker.

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In “Inthefrow”
Inthefrow Parisian Chic
Parisian Chic

In “Inthefrow”
Inthefrow Versace Look
Versace Look

In “Inthefrow”
Inthefrow Colourful Silky Material
Silky Material

In “Inthefrow”
Fashion Mumblr Fabulous Dressing Gown
Dressing Gown

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The Sandman You Came
You Came

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