Inthefrow Silky Set

Inthefrow Silky Set

A video of Victoria Magrath during a skiing holiday. Victoria records an Inthefrow vlog and shows her evening outfit. She wears a chocolate brown satin shirt with a silk skirt. She finishes the look with a bucket bag, heels and gold jewelry.

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Inthefrow Lady Of Leisure
Lady Of Leisure

In “Inthefrow”
Inthefrow Armarni Suit
Armarni Suit

In “Inthefrow”
Inthefrow Parisian Chic
Parisian Chic

In “Inthefrow”
Inthefrow Emerald Green
Emerald Green

In “Inthefrow”
Roxxsaurus Satin Everything
Satin Everything

In “Roxxsaurus”
 You Mindless

In “You”