Kasha Grimes Colour Clashing

Kasha Grimes Colour Clashing

A Kasha Grimes collective haul video. Kasha wears clothing from Pretty Little Thing, Zara, Boohoo and Fashion Nova. She styles various contrasting colours. Kasha wears a red satin blouse with a purple chunky knit.

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Kasha Grimes Looks Like Pure Silk
Like Pure Silk

In “Kasha Grimes”
Kasha Grimes Extremely Voluptuous

In “Kasha Grimes”
Kasha Grimes Knock Them All Sideways

In “Kasha Grimes”
Freddy My Love Shiny And Eye-Catching

In “Freddy My Love”
Hazel Maria Wood Satiny Vibe
Satiny Vibe

In “Hazel Maria Wood”
Daredevil You Missed Me Too
Missed Me Too

In “Daredevil “