Misha Grimes Not A Kardashian

Misha Grimes Not A Kardashian

A Misha Grimes Rebellious fashion haul video. Misha tries several outfits from the online fashion brand. She picks up a Kardashian inspired hot pink satin co-ord set. Trying the satin on, Misha advises sizing up if possible.

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Misha Grimes Three Blondies
Three Blondies

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Misha Grimes Stunning Finery
Stunning Finery

In “Misha Grimes”
Misha Grimes Rather Electric
Rather Electric

In “Misha Grimes”
Zoella Wednesday Hornets
Wednesday Hornets

In “Zoella”
Sarah Jo Holder Valentine’s Lookbook
Valentine’s Look

In “Sarah Jo Holder”
Dynasty Love White Hyacinth
White Hyacinth

In “Dynasty”