Misha Grimes Satiny Colour

Misha Grimes Satiny Colour

A Misha Grimes Oh Polly try-on haul video. Misha picks out several partywear outfits from the brand. She shows off a pale lilac satin dress that includes sparkling crystal trim. She highlights the satin fabric and its vibrant colour.

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Misha Grimes Hot Pink Shiny Fabric
Hot Pink Shiny

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Misha Grimes Three Blondies
Three Blondies

In “Misha Grimes”
Misha Grimes Stunning Finery
Stunning Finery

In “Misha Grimes”
Naomi Victoria Satin Material
Satin Material

In “Naomi Victoria”
Evelina Sleek Simple Look
Sleek Simple Look

In “Evelina”
Dumplin' Good Luck Ladies
Good Luck Ladies

In “Dumplin'”