Misha Grimes Start With Pink

Misha Grimes Start With Pink

A Misha Grimes fashion collab video. Misha films with fellow Youtuber Emily Canham. The pair dress each other as part of a style swap. Misha gets Emily to try on a pale pink silk and satin slip dress.

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Misha Grimes Literally In The Lift
In The Lift

In “Misha Grimes”
Misha Grimes Literally Satiny Colour
Satiny Colour

In “Misha Grimes”
Misha Grimes Three Blondies
Three Blondies

In “Misha Grimes”
Misha Grimes Beautifully Silky Piece
Beautifully Silky

In “Misha Grimes”
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Quite Sheeny

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Extra Dirty

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