Roxxsaurus The Colour

Roxxsaurus The Colour

A Roxxsaurus celebrity dress video. Roxi tries on several outfits that recreate famous celebrity looks. She wears a strapless lilac satin and silk bubble dress similar to one worn by singer Ariana Grande.

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Roxxsaurus Obsessed With The Fabric
The Fabric

In “Roxxsaurus”
Roxxsaurus Never Went Green
Went Green

In “Roxxsaurus”
Roxxsaurus Glam To Pyjam
Glam To Pyjam

In “Roxxsaurus”
Roxxsaurus Satin Vibe
Satin Vibe

In “Roxxsaurus”
Fleur De Force Slinky Bedroomy Feel

In “Fleur De Force”
Titans So Sue Me Sushi
So Sue Me Sushi

In “Titans”