Sarah Jo Holder Valentines Lookbook

Sarah Jo Holder Valentine’s Lookbook

A Sarah Jo Holder Haul Book video. Sarah shows a selection of Valentine’s Day outfits from Fashion Nova. She selects a silver satin playsuit, a short red satin dress and a long green satin jumpsuit.

SatinyVideosSarah Jo Holder – Valentine’s Lookbook


Fleur De Force Very Metallic
Very Metallic

In “Fleur De Force”
Niomi Smart Loving My Nails
Loving My Nails

In “Niomi Smart”
Em Sheldon Beautifully Fresh
Beautifully Fresh

In “Em Sheldon”
iJustine The Gambler
Beautifully Fresh

In “iJustine”
Dynasty This Is Cristal
This Is Cristal

In “Dynasty”