Scream Queens So Much In Common

Scream Queens So Much In Common

A Scream Queens season 1 video. Actress Billie Lourd appears as her characters┬áChanel #3. She wears a pair of short sleeve baby pink satin pyjamas. Billie wears silk and satin in the episode “Seven Minutes in Hell”.

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Scream Queens Age Before Beauty
Age Before Beauty

In “Scream Queens”
Scream Queens Totally Spit In Your Coffee
Spit In Your Coffee

In “Scream Queens”
Scream Queens Clearly Ms Bean Did This
Ms Bean

In “Scream Queens”
Dynasty Small Get Together
Small Get Together

In “Dynasty”
Gotham Patching Up Grundy
Patching Up Grundy

In “Gotham”
Hazel Wood Beautiful Scent
Beautiful Scent

In “Hazel Wood”