Zoe Sugg Silk Skirt Dress

Zoe Sugg Silk Skirt Dress

Zoe vlogs as she shows several recent outfit purchases from Zara. She picks out a floral satin skirt, a long metallic pleated skirt and a silk and cotton shirt dress. Zoe promotes the fashion social network 21 Buttons.

SatinyVideosZoella – Silk Skirt Dress

Zoella Blowing Glitter
Blowing Glitter

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Zoella Light Satin Hairspray
Satin Hairspray

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Zoella Light Millennial Or 90s

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Zoella I Then Used Satin Sheets
Satin Sheets

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Fleur De Force Whirlwind Of A Trip
Whirlwind Trip

In “Fleur De Force”
Dynasty Winter Closet
Winter Closet

In “Dynasty”