Zoella Start On My Edit

Zoella Start On My Edit

A Zoe Sugg weekly vlog video. Zoe wears her dark green reversible satin jacket. She chats about her curled hair that is dropping and runs through her plans for the rest of the day. Having been shopping, Zoe prepares for an afternoon of Youtube video editing.

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Zoella Wednesday Hornets
Wednesday Hornets

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Zoella Light Satin Hairspray
Satin Hairspray

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Zoella Millennial Or 90s
Millennial Or 90s

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Zoella Nice Satiny Light Fabric
Satiny Fabric

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Kalel Little Satin Slip Dress
Satin Slip Dress

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Pretty Little Liars The Cries Of Anguish
Cries Of Anguish

In “Pretty Little Liars”