My Satin Review

My Satin Review

Content 18,000+ Images, 190+ Videos.
Membership £33 ($41 or €38) a month or £81 ($95 or €92) for three months.
Billing CCBill
Strengths Video content with some speech, High quality videos, zipped image galleries

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Last Update 1st August 2023

My Satin is an established satin based membership site offering both image and video content. At the moment, MySatin is not releasing new content. Updates consist of previous shot material. There are no immediate plans to create new galleries and videos.


My Satin provides on average 5 picture and video updates per month. These updates come in the form of single sets which offer a HD video clip and a series of images.

The video offerings from My Satin are 1920 x 1080 resolution and are typically 8-10 minutes in length. An average filesize for a video update is 350MB. Most videos are offered in MP4 format, although older clips are limited to WMV and AVI. Smaller mobile friendly versions of videos are also offered.

Images are typically 1077 x 1600 in size and have a filesize of 300KB in JPG format. Sets tend to have 70 images per update and the zipped download of images are around 20 MB in size. Older pictures are 866 x 1280 in size.


The monthly cost of My Satin membership is comparable to most of the other satin membership sites. You can save a reasonable amount by opting to join for three months. A combined membership with has been offered at times.


The My Satin member’s area is set out in a straight forward update centric manner. You can step back through the content updates and download both video and images for each sets from the main updates page. Each update can be expanded into a gallery view which allows you to view individual images and offers a slide show feature for scrolling through the pictures.


Whilst there are a few issues with video updates, they are consistent and are superior to videos offered by other satin membership based sites. The resolution of each video is reasonable and video length is good.

The focus on satin that the site offers is strong. My Satin feels it has been created due to an interest in satin rather than a commercial entity set up to capitalise on a niche market (though it’s likely that My Satin falls in between these two markers).

The clothing used in each set offers interest with items worn providing interest and variety (it’s not simply a case of low cost clothes being chosen hastily).

Whilst the site initially focused on a single model, there has since been a diversification. This means that each of the 5 monthly updates will now typically feature a different model. This variation gives the site a broader appeal and helps to keep the content fresh and interesting.

The variety in clothing used in the My Satin updates is high. A months worth of sets will have differing clothing worn in each of the updates.

Satin and silk are very much at the forefront of each My Satin update. In addition to clothing there is satin bedding and backdrops in each update. This adds to the silk satin emphasis and ensures that the fabric is constantly featured throughout the update.

There has been a gradual effort to increase locations used whilst shooting. Initially videos and photos only featured a few backgrounds this has been expanded. Some shoots have occurred outdoors and on location.

Themes and scripting help shape MySatin videos. Although not frequent the occasional wet and message shoot injects life into a month of updates. Adding scenes, such as two models discussing clothing whilst waiting for a job interview, is also a unique feature of


The cost of membership to My Satin is fairly high. It is comparable to other satin sites, however these tend to offer a little more for the monthly cost. There is also a lack of any meaningful loyalty or long term membership available. The monthly membership amount varies over time. It tends to fall closer to the £30 mark instead of the £20 cost of other satin websites.

The lack of speech, whilst not uncommon amongst satin membership sites, detracts a little from the videos. A majority of the video content on My Satin favours background music in clips instead of natural background noise). It’s a fairly common request to have those featured in such videos talk about what they’re wearing during videos (a feature which has been introduced to some satin membership sites). It seems a shame that, on a site which appears to fully understand the niche that it is filling, does aware with speech during the video clips.

At times the format of the sets offered can become a little stale. There is less emphasis on location for example (so sets are set in front of a similar backdrop repeatedly). There are a handful of sets which do offer variation (such as outside locations), however these are limited in scope and are fairly uncommon.

Although outfit selection is great, the rotation of clothing used is slow. This does see each model get a turn at wearing the same outfit however this comes at the cost of freshness. A steady update to the existing wardrobe featuring new satin fashion releases is needed. Currently it’s not uncommon to go a year or two without any completely new outfit.

The structure of shoots and the release schedule of videos can cause some issues at times. Typically a model will shoot four or more updates in a session. These will then be released over the next few months. This method is used on most satin websites, however it can lead to several months of similar shoots from only one or two models. A quicker release and a greater range of outfits, makeup, hair styles and locations would help prevent this staleness.

Although My Satin does feature the occasion location and theme shoot, these make up a small number of the total video and photoshoots. Capturing a model in satin outdoors or getting wet in silk and satin is often requested but is rarely seen in MySatin updates.

Increases in video and photo resolution occur infrequently and with apparent reluctance. Photo size has slowly been bumped to an average, videos are starting to lag behind the competition. Video content in 4K resolution is becoming a standard. The 1080p quality of MySatin videos is starting to feel a little dated. As satin videos are about capturing the look and movement of the fabric, an increase in video resolution would have tangible benefits and would future proof content. The generally high bit rate in clips does not address this.

The video colour balance and gamut is set a little differently to most. Clips can feel a little washed out and lacking vibrancy. Adjusting colour profiles on a monitor or television improves things. Some shoot settings also impact the quality of colour, with some recent videos having a more yellow tinge.


With high quality video updates as a core feature, My Satin is one of the strongest satin website offerings available. The monthly update count could be bolstered by the addition of a few more updates and the variety of content and outfits worn is bettered at times by other sites, however the quality focus of the updates My Satin offers it remains a compelling package in the satin website niche.