Only Silk And Satin Review

Only Silk And Satin Review

Content 561,100+ Pictures, 1,110+ Videos.
Membership £25 a month, £45 for 2 months, £70 for three months (£60 if you choose a recurring membership) or £10 for six months.
Billing Epoch / Online Check / Post
Strengths Video content with speech, very high quality images, zipped galleries, members only forum, Excellent frequency of updates, Rating and comment feedback system.

SatinyWebsitesOnly Silk And Satin – Review

Last updated 24th July 2023

Online since November 2008, Only Silk And Satin is a satin focused website from the popular Only Tease site. Only Silk And Satin offers one of the most frequently updated satin membership with daily updates providing fresh content (in contrast to the 4-8 updates a month offerings from other sites).

Only Silk And Satin offers picture updates for five days of the seven day week. Two days, Monday and Friday, see videos take the place of pictures as the daily update.

Photo updates are offered in three sizes – xl, ultra xl and super size – which can be downloaded as a zipped collection or viewed online. Videos are offered in various resolutions. New video updates are offered as 4K and HD 1080p downloads and can also be streamed online. A typical ultra large image set is around 60 MB and consists of 130 images with height and widths of 3700 x 5600. A typical HD video runs for 5 minutes and is 150 MB in size.

Only Silk And Satin offers a community oriented focus and gives a variety of options for interaction and feedback. Along with forums, newsletters and configuration options allowing you to tailor the site Only Silk And Satin offers a prominent feedback email address and allows visitors to leave comments on updates.

Monthly subscription to Only Silk And Satin is reasonable. Switching to a two month subscription saves around 15%. or six month subscription. Increasing this to three or six months saves 25% and 30%. Prices are adjusted every so often. Joining for one month has ranged from £18 to £25.

You can join Only Silk And Satin through Only All Sites which gives you access to six sites (Only Tease, Only Silk And Satin, Only Secretaries, Only Opaques, Only Silk And Satin, Only Carla and Only Melanie) for a monthly cost of £41, £61 for two months or £81 for three months.

In addition to the loyalty discounts access to VIP photoshoots is granted after three months of consecutive membership. In most months this provides two or three additional videos and four to five photoshoot sets. These often focus on a single model and in most cases include satin and silk outfits.

The members area of Only Silk And Satin provides you easy access to all picture and video content. Various interactive features are offered including comments, rating and the ability to search based on models and keyword tags. The Gallery section of the site allows you to move through the monthly website additions. You can further filter these by video only and picture only updates.

The frequency of updates in a big strength of Only Silk And Satin. The volume of content offered surpasses that of most of other satin membership sites. Updates happen daily so there is always a fresh video or photo set with each login to the website.
Picture updates are offered in a range of resolutions. The Super Size image sets are the highest resolutions offered on a satin websites. Images are often twice the size or more than any comparable offering with around 130 photos in each each shoot.

The quality of video clips on Only Silk And Satin is also good. Over time the standard 720p quality WMV HD files have been replaced with 1080p MP4 videos. Smaller SD videos are available for each video update along with HD and SD HTML5 video streams.

Only Silk And Satin offers various ways of sorting the picture and video updates. Along with the normal date view you can search by model and tags. You can take a look at sets which are about to go live, stream videos and view popular content on the site. You can configure some of the aspects of the members section such as the default quality of the images you view in the gallery.

The variety of models that shoot for Only Silk And Satin is unmatched. OSS shoots take place throughout the month. Each model typically takes part in four or five picture sets and one or two videos which are made available for fast track quickly. There is also high retention rate of models. This means there’s something for everyone over the course of a typical membership. Favourite models are likely to return for repeat shoots with the site.

Only Silk And Satin videos often include speech. Whilst this may sometimes be limited to a quick introduction with little or no mention of satin or silk, videos tend to feature natural background sound. This allows for the rustling of fabric as its touched and stroked rather than a reliance on music tracks to fill the silence.

The professional studio setup allows for a unique depth and range to content. This includes having group and duo shoots, modeling abroad and outdoors and behind the scenes videos.

Limits are placed on new members. It is not possible to download photos or videos until after three days. This is not clear at sign up and impacts shorter memberships. The timer is not rolling, join on Monday evening and you will not be able to save content until Thursday. Similar restrictions apply to fast tracks, a feature that allows you to access galleries and videos that have been added but not released. Downloads are only available after three months of membership which makes fast tracking far less useful for new subscribers.

While satin features predominately in all picture and video sets at Only Silk And Satin, the variety of clothing worn is often limited. This sees similar outfits worn many times. Whilst they are worn by different models, it can become a little repetitive. The clothing worn for a satin membership site makes up a large part of the appeal so it it is disappointing that Only Silk And Satin doesn’t have variety given their shoot frequency. There is often only a single satin item for an entire shoot and a plain backdrop. This would be greatly improved by things like wearing a satin camisole under a top, modeling on satin bedding or changing into additional satin outfits.

Although the variety of models is a strength, the spread of updates can mean that a model who you like could have only a handful of updates spread over several months. As a result a daily update may consist of a model who was photographed several months ago so there may be limited further content from the model.

The frequency of videos could be improved. Whilst they are good quality, one or two videos a week seems a little lacking. A small increase to three videos a week or more would boost the value of membership considerably.

An Only Silk And Satin outfit shoot will either be captured in pictures or as a video. This is in contrast to most other satin sites which provide pictures and videos for each individual shoot with a model. This leads to an appealing silk satin outfit either missing the fluidity of motion or the detail of a full photo set.

Some videos sets are lacking when it comes to speech and interaction. Whilst Only Silk And Satin videos do keep the original audio there is often little comment during the shoot other than a brief introduction at the beginning (no mention of the clothes being worn and why it is enjoyed).

Video length is fairly short. Most video clips run for around 5 minutes. This does allow for a steady flow throughout the satin video and keeps the clip on track. It would be preferable to see these times extended a little. Video updates of clips of 10 minutes would be a welcome addition.

The variety of the picture sets isn’t great with most taking place in the same settings and featuring models posing in similar positions. This is offset by the change in models and outfits for each set, however it would be better if different angles and locations were used to help introduce diversity into the shoots. The depth of each shoot is also lacking. Compared to other sites which offer hundreds of images per set, Only Silk And Satin only offers around 130. These offerings don’t provide the satin focus and drive that other membership sites do.

The network nature of Only Silk And Satin detracts a little. Whereas other portal sites offer content from the other sites on their network as part of the membership cost, Only Silk And Satin charges a considerable premium to join all 4 sites together. This bundling of sites introduces a loss of identity for the individual offerings. You’re left with a feeling that content (such as the two video a week limit) is restricted to fit in with the updates from the other sites on the network. The satin focus often feels diluted and fairly generic.

Some of the features of the members area of the site are a little redundant and feel like gimmicks. Things like comments and ratings add little to the site. Fast tracks and Permanent Fast Tracks can be a little confusing, although the Help section of the website does give guidance on how these features are best used.

Update pages and other areas of the site often have advertisement links and graphics. This sees a cross linking on general update, model and some other member area pages. This has been gradually scaled back over time, however fairly prominent links to VIP video and picture shoots and other Only All Sites websites. These appear at the top of the website and inline as part of the webpage when viewing updates. Those opting for a 30 day subscription will not be able to access any VIP updates and there’s no way to hide these from dismiss these from view. VIP shoots can be accessed to anyone who has been an Only Silk And Satin subscriber for three months or longer.

There has been a reduction in the number of releases each month. Typically there was new content every day. This has fallen to around four sets a week, so 17 or 18 updates most months instead of 30 or 31. There may only be three or four videos in a given month.

Only Silk And Satin is strong offering. Frequent video and picture updates, with the photos being some of the highest resolution of any satin membership sites, coupled with reasonable pricing make it one of the most appealing satin sites online. There is some room for improvement. A higher number of video updates with an extension of clip length and quality. A better variety of satin clothing and a greater less generic focus on silk and satin in each update. A streamlining of the membership side, reducing cross promotion for content not available under current membership. Making these small adjustments would help complete what is already a pretty compelling package. Be aware that new members are not able to download content for three full days.