Satin Silk Fun Review

Satin Silk Fun Review

Content 178+ Galleries, 169+ Videos.
Membership £19 a month, £38 for three months or £66 for six moths.
Billing vxsbill / CCBill
Strengths Video content with speech, High quality images, zipped galleries, forum.

SatinyWebsitesSatin Silk Fun – Review

Last Update 29th March 2023

A relative newcomer to the satin membership website niche, Satin Silk Fun offers a frequently updated satin pay access area which focuses on soft core satin modelling.

Satin Silk Fun provides several monthly updates to their members area. These are broken down into either picture or video updates. Pictures are offered as zip downloads and as online galleries viewable when logged in. Videos are short clips typically around 5 minutes in length and are around 500MB in size.

Monthly membership to Satin Silk Fun is set at £19 (around $22 or €22). This gives you full access to the membership area. There is also a 90 days membership option which costs £38 ($47 or €43) £66 ($81 or €75) for a 180 day membership. These longer periods offer a some savings over the monthly recurring membership.

The Satin Silk Fun members area is fairly basic but it provides easy access to all updates available to members.

The home area lists recent updates to the site and you can view all photo and videos by navigating using the top menu. Also offered is a link to the Satin Silk Fun forum (a members only forum in which you can make requests for future shoots) and a models index which allows you to view image and video sets by the models who appear in them.

Satin Silk Fun is updated more than the 4 times per month of the other satin membership sites. Whilst this is partly due to the division of updates into videos and picture sets, it is often the case that there are more than 4 of each type of update per month (so you’re getting more than just 4 updates split up into 4 lots of photos and 4 lots of videos).

Speech is often frequently included in video updates which is a fairly requested but often overlooked addition to satin video content. Whilst models are often silent during a video shoot, natural sound is heard throughout rather than backing music. An effort is made to have models talk about the satin their wearing in seen frequently in videos.

Video resolution has steadily increased. Older shoots are recorded as SD WMV files. This transitions to HD WMV files. Shoots from 2017 onwards are offered as 4K MP4. This high resolution is rarely matched by other sites. The boost in image quality allows for the best capturing of satin in each shoot.

Both picture and video shoots typically offer different styles and locations. Models are seen in a variety of settings in a good range of outfits. Recent sets have also included wet and messy. These themes are rarely seen in other satin membership websites.

The depth and range of models is a big attraction to Satin Silk Fun. There is a steady rotation of models involved in shoots each month. Many return for multiple shoots, so a favourite model may have a selection of videos and photos available spanning a several years.

The length of videos is on the short side. Videos rarely go over the 5 minute mark. An increase to an average of 10 minutes per video would allow for a greater focus.

There is a sameness to many of the video updates. Whilst there is a unique theme touching, stroking, tasting and playing with satin most video clips involved a fairly static model throughout. Transitioning into this theme with something like an outfit summary or the addition of periods of movement around the room or the removal of layers of satin would introduce variety and increase video length.

The range of outfits and clothing being worn is lacking at times. It’s also common to have no speech and very little camera eye contact in videos. This can mean multiple disappointing updates can pass across a membership.

The download limitations in place can be a little frustrating. These are in place to reduce hosting and bandwidth costs but this seems hard to justify when no other similar sites have such limits. The sizes of video files has increased, along with the speed of home internet connections making it easy to hit the 6GB daily limit. It can be jarring to see a banned from website error message after downloading two months of video and picture sets. The message you get when the limit is hit is also vague. At its worst you get a few lines of text stating that your IP has been permanently banned. The alternative is being redirected to s-a-web and a page lacking any Satin Silk Fun branding. This leads with the fact that the block may be down to multiple users of the same password and buries the fair use 6GB download limit into later paragraphs. It does contain a prominent support email address, but again this is not routed through the Satin Silk Fun website so may cause confusion. The length of the lock out increases from 24 hours to 72 hours the third time this is hit during a subscription.

Whilst video resolution has increased, the size of images has remained fairly constant. Images are typically in the of 960 x 1440. The highest quality offered by a satin website is 3744 x 5616. This may be difficult to match, however any increase would help to greater capture the model and satin content.

The range of pictures offered with each photo shoot can be limited. Whilst the 60 or so images offered in each update is okay sets often include a series of similar images. Rather than different poses, changes of position and removal of satin clothing most photoshoots show a model in four of five single poses captured in batches of almost identical pictures.

The fact that there are a cluster of similar sites offered (but with each requiring additional paid membership) contrasts to the multi site offerings of sites such as SatinSilkFun (which provides access to 8 sites with the same membership). To an extent this is understandable though is might frustrate some to know that there is both a soft and hardcore version of Satin Silk Fun but the membership price only covers one. There are offers in place as you join (so during joining you can also join some of the other network sites for a reduced fee).

Care needs to be taken when signing up for Satin Silk Fun. The payment page can include offers for trial memberships of other sites in the network. These are automatically selected and for most will need to be manually unticked. This can lead to extra unwanted charges. Each trial membership changes to a full months subscription if no action is taken. This can lead to a doubling or tripling in a monthly cost for those who do no check statements frequently.

Satin Silk Fun is a competitive and comprehensive source for those looking for a satin membership site. The inclusion of speech in and the high 4K quality of videos combined with a high frequency of updates creates compelling offer. Photo resolution would benefit from an increase, limits to the amount of downloaded data per 24 hours and buried trial